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Swedish massage is rumored to be the most widespread form of massage in Europe and rightly so. Swedish doctor Per Henrik Ling incorporated the Western way of life into the Chinese traditional method of massage and thus became known in the West.

The five basic movements of Swedish massage are:

1. Effleurage. Quick and gentle touches in order to warm the body and prepare it for the rest of the treatment.

2. Petrissage. Activation of the muscles with gentle movements.

3. Tapotement. Using the side of the palm we cause gentle blows.

4. Friction. Using all the fingers of the hand we massage the hard muscles.

5. Vibration. With a combination of fingers and palm, we put pressure on the hard muscles.

These are the 5 basic movements, which were the starting point for the development of other types of massage, such as physiotherapy and lymphatic massage.

Swedish massage is applied to the whole body and helps in good blood circulation, in the fight against stress, depression, chronic pain, headaches, as well as in the removal of toxins from the tissues.

Finally, it helps to activate the self-defense mechanisms of the human body.

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