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R relaxing massage is usually a gentle form of massage, which adapts to the needs of everyone and can become even more dynamic. Relaxing massage is a Swedish technique, which is considered beneficial for the body, because it gives well-being and relaxation to the nervous and circulatory system.

The beneficial properties of relaxing massage for the body are multiple. Fights insomnia, physical pain, chronic fatigue and depression. It contributes to good blood circulation, to the reduction of stress and headaches, giving elasticity to the muscles, radiance to the skin and detoxification to the body, as a result of which it raises our mood!

At Lotus Relax the needs of our body guide us and define the program we will follow and the degree of pressure we will exert on the energy lines. The goal is to start a process of detoxification of the body, as the muscles will relax, the blood pressure will drop and the lymph will be activated.

Massage at home

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The specialized staff offers us a relaxing massage for men and women

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