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The reflexology is an ancient method based on the existence of reflex points on the sole and back of the foot. 7,200 nerve endings from every part of the human body end up in the sole. Through therapeutic massage, special pressures are exerted on these reflex points of the sole, which in turn activate reactions in the organs and the parts of the body that are connected to them. That is, each point interacts with other parts of the human body.

Reflexology is considered more of a mechanism for awakening the body’s defenses. This is achieved by supplying oxygen throughout the body and by improving blood flow (through relaxation), as well as by eliminating toxins from the lymphatic and excretory systems.

Reflexology does not cure diseases, as its goal is to activate the body’s balance and self-healing. Considering that diseases are largely rooted in psychological causes, it seeks to bring balance to the whole of human existence and to approach the individual as a whole (body, soul, spirit).

At Lotus Relax you will have the opportunity to enjoy a therapeutic massage during the reflexology session, which will help you get rid of tension and stress, but also activate your body’s defense mechanism. In this way, in addition to the feeling of relaxation, you help your body to shield its defense system.

Rediscover your body harmony, even with just one reflexology session.

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