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The lymphatic massage or manual lymphatic decongestion is a method of gentle massage aimed at stimulating the lymphatic system and lymph nodes, resulting in the elimination of toxins. It is mainly applied to the face, neck, legs, arms, buttocks and abdomen.

Lymphatic fluid contains 90% water, metabolic by-products and gases.

Lymphatic massage is an ideal technique for the treatment and reduction of edema, through the drainage of lymphatic fluid, the rejuvenation of tissues and the general improvement of the immune system.

Lymph flow affects the appearance and health of the skin and body. For this reason, people who live in large cities and are anxious usually have reduced lymph flow, which weakens their immune system and often causes swelling.

Lymphatic massage is effective in fluid retention, the disappearance of cellulite and local fat, the balance of metabolism, the reduction of lymphedema and venous edema, as well as the relief of rheumatic and arthritic pains.

It also improves the immune system, contributes to the rapid healing of wounds, recent scars and dermatological problems, as well as improving digestion and digestive problems in general.

Lymphatic massage often serves the purpose of improving our appearance as it is very effective, in addition to the disappearance of cellulite, in the elimination of dark circles, bags under the eyes, but also in the prevention of wrinkles.

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