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Reiki therapy is a Japanese alternative form of therapy. This treatment was inspired in the 19th century by Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki’s basic idea is that it uses the universal vital energy of life force. “Rei” in Japanese means universal and “ki” translates into vital energy of the life force that exists within all living beings. Reiki therapy is beneficial for the body and helps in mental and physical balance.

Often instead of the term therapy, the term massage is used as Reiki therapy uses techniques similar to head or face massage as well as other lesser known massage techniques. The combination of these techniques with the healing energy channeled into the practitioner’s body brings the expected results.

The Reiki Therapist is the conduit that connects you to the human source of sympathetic energy. This energy is transmitted through the hands of the therapist and depending on the different points of contact with the body activates different energy centers, the chakras. The energy is channeled into the body in the form of heat, pulse or numbness and it is very common for the receiver not to perceive it.

The main goal of this treatment is calm and relaxation. The recipient of the treatment feels spiritual clarity and absolute calm. Finally, there are many who feel completely relaxed and refreshed.

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