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One of the common aesthetic problems that a woman has to face is the appearance of cellulite on her body. Cellulite is a synthesis of fats and water, which are stabilized and stored in the subcutaneous tissue of the body, creating the appearance of “orange peel”. The formation of cellulite is influenced by factors such as age, gender, diet, lifestyle, but also the connective tissue of man.

Anti-cellulite massage is essentially a specialized lymphatic massage technique, aimed at tightening the body. This is achieved by moving the lymphatic fluid that comes from the stimulation of the lymph nodes and the lymphatic system. The therapist focuses the massages mainly on the subcutaneous tissue because most of the lymphatics are located there.

These massages provide rapid and satisfactory detoxification of the body, local rejuvenation of the skin, improve blood and lymph circulation and of course help reduce cellulite, local thickness and achieve local tightening and natural slimming.

The frequency of massage to eliminate cellulite varies depending on the degree of the problem (superficial or deep cellulite), as well as the materials used in the massage.

The hands are usually used as the main means of massage, but special massage devices can also be used.

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